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Except expunge on exit doesn't work reliably, for various reasons (known

BTW this belongs on the evolution list, i've moved it there.

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 08:02, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 23:24, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
create a mbox file and try copying 8000-10000 emails into that, you get
a 40-50 mb mbox file. now delete as many mails until 500 emails remain,
the mbox file decreases to e.g. 5 mb but the index files are keeping
their large size AND increases by every new added message

I'll let Michael Zucchi answer this. As far as I know, they do in fact
shrink - but maybe it's a lazy-shrink or something.

besides, those files are only 400k, not exactly "large" when compared to
a 50MG mbox.

Okay, just thought of something... you never said you Expunged the mbox
files, and as such - of course the ibex files won't shrink!

Have you tried Expunging the folders?

expunging ? i never used that since i don't know what it is good for. i
usually assume that when deleting stuff from my mailboxes that the index
files enchances in size on its own. never thought of an requirement to
press another button just to shrink the ibex files too.

but thanks for letting me know. i will enable expunge on exit. hopefully
it will solve all issues.

otherwise fine work on evolution i like it.

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