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lör 2002-09-21 klockan 18.50 skrev Dan Winship:
fre 2002-09-20 klockan 15.20 skrev Not Zed:
alphanumeric keys now jump to matches in the column you're currently
sorting on.

Which makes it pretty useless.. at least for me.

I sort on Date and if evey date is Yesterday ##:##
it doesnt mather how many times I press Y I could just press Down.

Yeah, the idea isn't that people are going to normally sort on a column 
where this is useful, it's that IF you want to quickly find a message 
with a given subject or from a particular user, you can sort by that 
column, type a few keys, and then sort back to your standard order.

This is how Outlook behaves, and in usability testing on 1.0, this is 
how every single ex-Outlook user that we tested tried to find messages 
when given a task like "find the message from bob" (where they were 
"supposed" to use the search bar). So we put it into 1.2 since we were 
only using three letter keys before, and one of them didn't make any 
sense except to Pine users anyway.

Let the EX-Outlook users know in a good way that there's a searchbar
instead... its alot faster to click once in the searchbar print what to
search for and then enter. than it is to click a specific column and
then print what to search for. It's easier finding messages from "Tom"
if you just use the searchbar.

Why didnt they make any sense? I've never used pine that much but N for
next is pretty obvious, so is P for previous too, and Q for quickview.

What I'd really like is these "features" to be added as OPTIONS
which could be turned off and that I can specify my own short-cut keys
for commands that have them.

Yes, the current next/prev/toggle preview bindings totally suck, but 
that doesn't mean that the new behavior isn't useful or that they can't 
be fixed.

I think that moving the ` key away should be first priority before 1.2
comes out. AND make it lock on the KeySum instead so that I can use the
§ key where the ` is on an american keyboard. So everyone uses the same
key but different character. But this would ofcourse be fixed if I could
specify my own short-cuts..

-- Dan

Mårten Woxberg <marwo264 student liu se>
University of Linköping

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