[Evolution] Few more problems with Beta1

With the latest snapshots (evolution-
on Redhat 6.2, appointments received in my Inbox don't show anymore in
the preview pane. Therefore I don't have a way to save them in my
calendar, which is not a big deal right now as my calendar crashes every
time I try to view it. 

Also when sending e-mails, I get a lot of time a pop-up that says: Error
while performing operation. Data response: Unknown. Then the message
sits in the Outbox. Sometimes it lose the address of the recipient as
well. I have to re-enter it. I am prepared to try sending that message a
few times before it goes. FYI, my default Sent items is an IMAP folder.

In my status bar, I have 2 searching message that just won't clear. One
as a mail icon, the other a calendar. There is also no way for me to
cancel those task or know where they come from. 

Pascal DeMilly <list evolution newgenesys com>

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