Re: [Evolution] Filter on source account not applied to IMAP INBOX

I got around to checking this.  Looks like the old code wouldn't work
under a lot of valid circumstances, if at all (ha! it wasn't mine!).

I've just committed some new source-checking code which should work, and
will be in beta2, and the next snapshot.  I even tested it.  It changes
the s-exp's, but will not affect existing filters (since they only
contain references to s-exp's stored in another xml file).


On Sun, 2002-09-08 at 22:07, Not Zed wrote:
is this a new, or existing filter?

if existing:
  backup the ~/evolution/filters.xml file
  edit that filter, and 're-select' the source account

and see if that works.  if it does, send me and/or jeff both filters.xml

if its a new one, umm, let us know so we can look into it more.

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 13:24, Kenneth Porter wrote:
8/21 devel release.

I've got my new IMAP INBOX set to be filtered, but a rule with a source
account criteria is not getting triggered. I can select from 3 accounts,
and the one that was just switched to use IMAP instead of POP3 is
selected, but it's not firing. Other filters seem to work, though.

The filter has two criteria, the first being a subject containing
"SPAM?" (SpamAssassin signature). The action is to move it to a local
folder and stop further processing. Similar filters for two other (POP3)
accounts continue to work.

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evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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