Re: [Evolution] IMAP Issues ...

No, thats a feature.  Unless you enable 'show only subscribed folders',
the account will not be shown in the subscription dialogue.

Also note that since you have it turned off, the codepath is a bit
different, at least the server dialogue is different, so it is probably

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 22:39, Kenneth Porter wrote:
I wonder if my problem with filters is related? I'm now using the 9/13
snapshot, and one account, on the same host, is using the UW IMAP

I hadn't played with the subscription feature before, not knowing what
it was for. On the basis of this thread, I selected it from the Tools
menu and the server selection drop-down said to pick a server, but
wouldn't show any servers when I clicked on it. If I select a folder
from the server in the tree view on the main window and then open the
subscription service, again I can't pick a server. What's up with that?
Do I have corrupted account info that prevents Evo from seeing my IMAP
account as IMAP? It clearly shows "imap" in the Preferences dialog.

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