Re: [Evolution] Archive function?

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 02:03, Greg Macek wrote:
Are there any plans to implement an "Archive" function in Evolution?
This could really come in handy for people who have years of email (like
myself) stored, but rarely access. It would be convenient to have an
interface to this, perhaps zipping up the folders you want archived and
storing those files wherever you wanted. Then, if/when the time comes
you need something, you can un-archive the file back into Evo. 

Has it been requested before? Does it seem viable or a worthwhile
addition to anybody? Just an idea... 

Yes and yes.  I dont know if there are any 'plans' as such, but it is
something I would like to see available at some point.

The idea's i've had have been driven at the camel end.  But this is
because it would simplify implementation mostly, but it would only work
for email.

 - another camel provider
 - manages indices of folders which are kept 'online', but which can be
stored/restored from backup media
 - archival backup procedures (e.g. tar file or just gzip mbox), "moving
folder to offline archive"
 - restore procedures "moving folder from offline to online archive"
 - when online, folder can be used as normal, possibly read-only
 - normal filtering and operations (perhaps with some added stages) can
be used to manage moving files to and from online archives(?)
 - have archive/restore somewhat configurable.  e.g. you could have
restore being a wget to a mailing list archive, and backup just deleting
the local copy.

As usual, the problem is the gui.

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