Re: [Evolution] Archive function?

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 14:20, Mark Neill wrote:
On 17 Sep 2002, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

I thought the concept of archiving was a unix-only thing anyway. I don't
know of any Windows clients that actually support it (well, I'm only
"familiar" with the more popular clients - I'm sure somewhere there is a
Windows mailer that does this but I don't think Outlook nor
Netscape/Mozilla offer this).
Outlook, since at least Outlook 98, supports this with Exchange folders.

Personally I think it's annoying to have to go looking through a 
completely different folderspace for old messages, but it's there...

If Evo could read gzipped files, this could be accomplished by gzipping
archived mail and creating a vfolder with the contents of the active
folder plus those of the gzipped folder. Seems like it might be fairly
easily done at the back end; as always, the pain is getting the UI
right. =]


Jim Meyer, Geek At Large                                    purp acm org

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