Re: [Evolution] Archive function?

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 18:33, Greg Macek wrote:
Are there any plans to implement an "Archive" function in Evolution?
This could really come in handy for people who have years of email (like
myself) stored, but rarely access. It would be convenient to have an
interface to this, perhaps zipping up the folders you want archived and
storing those files wherever you wanted. Then, if/when the time comes
you need something, you can un-archive the file back into Evo. 

- Create a new local account with a maildir or mbox store
- Move to this account the messages you want to archive
- Deactivate the account
- Store away the maildir or mailbox wherever you want. Burning a CD
comes to mind.

Reading the archived mail is exactly as simple : create a new local
account and select your archive as the maildir or mbox store.

As a bonus, your archive is readable by anything that can read standard
mailbox formats. For example, "mutt -f archive_file" will open it.

The tools you already have can do more than you think.

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