re: [Evolution] Layout of Summary & General Calender improvements, comments ppl!

I, personally would like to see some of the changes mentioned. 
Prioritizing of scheduled items over weather/news - the sorting of tasks
(even color coding) by priority.  I love the idea of the location being
listed in the summary (save a few clicks here and there.)  (Who knows
maybe even a direct link to any contact referenced in the appointment?)

I also like the colorcoding ideas for the calendar overview/week views.

Lately, I've been looking for ways to reach the following idea...
I do tech support for a number of businesses and individuals - as such
I'm at home some days, out some days on call, etc.. The days I'm out
from one appointment to the next I need to start the day by printing up
the days schedule/plus the contact entries for everyone that I will see
or need to call that day (which includes phone numbers/directions/other
comments/etc.)  What I would LOVE to see is some capability to scan a
days appointments (and maybe task due dates)(as part of a cron job?)
determine the location and give the option to automatically print a
summary (at a given time - say 7:30 am) as well as automatically print
out the contact information for those explicitly listed in the days
schedule  (hopefully in a neat and tidy summary so we don't burn too
much paper.Maybe a 1 to 2 page summary depending on how heavy the
schedule is.)  Of course, it would default to NOT printing this everyday
as I know there are a lot of people out there that might not utilize
this at all.

An extension of this would be the automated scheduling of printing a
task list.  Say you have a checklist to go through at the first of every
month - create a new folder in evolution with items of type task - then
schedule automated printing to have it ready for you when you need it. 
(or even say, a grocery list for example - say you hit the grocery every
Saturday afternoon and instead of 30 slips of paper throughout the week
to keep track of everything you forgot last time - you use a task folder
in evolution - then schedule it to print up the list every Saturday at
noon.  Again completely customizable would be the hope.)

I don't know, something approaching this may already be possible through
scripting/cron.  (If so, I'd love to be enlightened!)



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