[Evolution] Calendar Questions

Got two issues/questions on accepting meetings in Evolution (from
Outlook 2000, but I don't know if it's application specific or just an
Evolution oddity), and one Evolution calendar question.

Issue 1: Time
When I receive a meeting request, it translates the UTC time to my
timezone when I view it.  After accepting it, the calendar view shows it
in the proper timeslot for my timezone.  However, if I open it to
view/modify it (like add some comments), the time shown is in UTC.  Is
this a feature or bug?

Issue 2: Alarms
Meeting requests from Outlook 2000 that have a reminder set on the
sender's end have this block in them:
However, no alarm/reminder is added to the meeting when it is accepted
into my calendar.  One, is it supposed to add that?

Issue 3: Default Alarms
In the preferences for Calendar and Tasks I have set the option to add a
reminder to every appointment.  But it never does, or at least opening
the appointment and looking at it shows no reminder, and there is no
"bell" icon on the appointment.

Lonnie Borntreger

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