[Evolution] strange 'Fetching Mail' error

My mandrake 8.2 machine just went down hard with Evolution open and when
it came back up and I tried to get my new mail, it started to pull them
down and then failed with this error:

Error while 'Fetching Mail':
Cannot append message to mbox file:
//home/<me>/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox: Success

This is evolution 1.0.2.  Is this a problem with the mbox format
corrupting the 'mbox' file?  I'm presuming so as /home is not full and
there are no quotas on this box.

And on a follow-up question, how mature is evolution's Maildir support? 
Does anyone know how to enable evolution to use Maildir rather than mbox?

I'd sure appreciate any help anyone might be able to provide.

Thanks in advance,

Did you hear that, Marge?  She called me a baboon!  The stupidest,
ugliest, smelliest ape of them all!

                -- Homer Simpson
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