[Evolution] RE: Evolution, procmail, RH7.3

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 00:57, Kenneth Porter wrote:

Do you use the Red Hat up2date?

This machine does not have either of port 21 or 80 access, has to be
done manually.

Are you just using procmail to run the Sanitizer on mail entering your
spool? If so, then Evo works fine with that. Evo just reads from the
spool, or reads the spool indirectly via an IMAP or POP3 server if you
want to set it up that way. (I've tried all 3. Currently I'm using

If you already have procmail running the Sanitizer, it's not a big
leap to add SpamAssassin. I run ...

to switch to IMAP. I can use procmail instead of Evo's filters...

You are right about all that, but where did you put procmailrc and
forward for evo to find them? mine won't connect at all. No procmail log
at all, no connect from evo.

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