[Evolution] Creating IMAP deep folder hierarchies

Using the 8/21 devel snapshot.

I'm biting the bullet and moving my store from local folders to IMAP
folders, to give me the convenience of multi-client access and remote

I created a ~/mail directory in my home directory, opened the imap port,
and enabled uw-imapd.

I then changed my receive options to use IMAP, specifying the namespace
to be "mail" (uw-imapd defaults to the user home dir and I don't want it
to try to serve the evo local hierarchy to itself).

Moving the root of an evo hierarchy to the new mail directory fails, but
I kinda expect that as upper nodes in the tree have messages and
uw-imapd only supports message-containing mbox mailboxes at the leaves
of the tree. However, If I try to create a subfolder of a folder, the
operation silently fails, the original subfolder disappears from the
tree view (although I can see it from a shell prompt), and no subfolder
is created. Eg. I can create ~/mail/xxx, but I can't create

My local tree is quite deep and I do NOT want to flatten that out to
move it to IMAP.

So how do I create an IMAP folder hierarchy more than one deep?

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