RE: [Evolution] Evolution crashes when attempting to saveattachment

Le mar 03/09/2002 à 20:19, Romain a écrit :
Hello again,

I've just removed all evolution packages, and rm -Rf'ed the ~/evolution dir.
I reinstalled evolution (1.0.8-3mdk) and went on again with gdb etc.
In case it's not clear, as it appeared in your last message, gdb is not
locking up my machine, evolution is. I'm quite definite about that.

I just tried something else.
I straced evolution-mail, then ran evolution (strace showed the trace
progressing as new threads of evolution-mail were loaded)... and, it went

What I'm trying to highlight here is this :
Evolution ran on it's own crashes while attempting to save attachment to
if evolution-mail was loaded before with gdb or strace, the attachment save
goes fine.

This is the most I could get, so maybe you can sort something out of this
strange observation.
Obviously, I won't be able to get you a trace of the crash, because
everytime I trace it, it works fine ...

These crashes might be caused by our way of packaging software : by
default, all packages in MandrakeLinux are fully stripped.. And it can
cause gdb to have a strange behaviour..

Try rebuilding evolution package from the source package and add 
export DONT_STRIP=1 in the evolution specfile, just after %install
line.. It will prevent spechelper to strip evolution and you should be
able to have a better stack trace..

You should also check if all your packages are correctly installed.. I
had a crash report somehow similar 2 or 3 weeks ago on cooker mailing
list by one user who had badly installed packages..
Frédéric Crozat

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