Re: [Evolution] Connector / Debian Sid - revisited

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 13:01, Markus Irle wrote:

Thanks for the replies.
I do understand that it takes time to support a distribution and that
not-stable distributions won't be officially supported at all. I'm on my
own there, I can live with that... 

What I don't understand is the following:
While freedom of choice being advocated up and down the road in the
Linux community, I am forced to use Ximian's propriatry tool to simply
download some software. Why not put it up on a web site or an ftp

which proprietary application? AFAIK, Red Carpet is free.

That's just plainly beyond me, I'm afraid...

Anyway, I finally got it to work and I'm pretty pleased now. :)

Here's what I did.

1) Found somebody with Suse 8.0, have him install red-carpet and start
the installation of connector.

2) Kill red-carpet during package verification and grab the downloaded
rpms from the cache.

3) Alienised the rpm into a deb and installed the package.

4) Added a bunch of softlinks, to have the files appear in the
/usr/share-hierarchy (they get installed in /opt)

5) Fixed lost dependencies, i.e. installed soup. Simply check the ouput
of the connector-binary. It'll gladly tell you which libs are missing.

6) libical resides in /usr/lib/libical. So either add that to
or symlink the lib into /usr/lib.

well, is that Suse's libical? because there are, if I remember
correctly, some problems with libical versions others than the one that
comes with evolution. Make sure you are using the one shipped in

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ximian com>

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