Re: [Evolution] Password lock

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 09:56, Larry Ewing wrote:
On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 12:08, Dan Hensley wrote:

Maybe not technically, but what the original poster is complaining about
is the fact that Evo forgets the password.  This is tremendously
annoying, especially if your POP server isn't all that reliable (which
is the case too often, and frequently there's nothing the user can do
about it).  What would be much nicer is if Evo would parse the returned
error message for certain types and then not forget the password in
cases like this where the password is not the problem.  I think Evo may
do this already, but I'm not sure.  If not it sure would be nice...

The strings are all different for different servers parsing them is not
going to happen.  About the only thing we could do it fill in the passwd
blank with the previous password as *s.  That probably makes sense, but
it does make the "I entered my password wrong" case slightly more

OK, so don't do that if the password has never worked succesfully.

I think it should be sufficient to implement this only in the case where
users choose to remember the password.  So in that case, if the user has
chosen for Evo to remember the password, and Evo DOES remember a
password (because it worked before!), AND that saved password matches
the one Evo just tried, it will assume that there is some other error
besides "bad password", and pre-fill the password field with the
existing password.  If there is no saved password, well, there's nothing
to pre-fill, is there?

This would certainly help make things less annoying, but I still think
my previous suggestions (from earlier this morning) would be more useful
to users.

Eric Lambart <ximian nomeaning net>
No Meaning, Ltd.

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