Re: [Evolution] Password lock

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 12:18, Jørn Christensen wrote:

When retrieving my pop3 accounts I sometimes get the error
      Unable to connect to POP server [server address].
      Error sending password: -ERR /var/mail/[ID].pop lock busy! Is another session active?

I have to enter the password again... If I just press cancel it forgets the password.

Bug or just me?

That's a POP3-server-generated message.  It basically means someone
(heopfully you :-) is already reading your mailbox.  One cause of this
could be a very large mailbox (are you set with "leave mail on server"
?) on a very busy server.  Sometimes the server will not have time to
reset its state (i.e. recopy your mailbox) before you try to read it
again.  How often do you check you mail ?

Anyhow, definitely not an Evolution problem...

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