Re: [Evolution] OT: Calendar format and servers

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 17:33, Xavier Bestel wrote:

Mmmh .. wild dreaming of an Exchange-like extension for e.g. Courier,
with server-stored Evolution prefs, filters, calendars, etc.

The problem with server-stored Evolution prefs is that many prefs such
as the PGP, spellcheck, signature and HTML display component often
depend on software and data locally installed. So while it could be
doable, it will sometime break.

The filters are already stored server-side with Sieve : . I heavily use Sieve on our mail server
and I find it prefectly suitable for mail filtering. I have no local
filters. I set up filters with a web front-end and that's about it. I
recommend it, it is the perfect companion to IMAP : open you mail from
any client fresh from its package and you always find everything neatly

As for calendaring, I've said all I had to say for now about my wild
dreams of a good open calendaring server, but it looks like I'll have to
be patient...

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