[Evolution] OT: Calendar format and servers

Our company is in the process of evaluating calendar
servers that perform similarly to Exchange.  I've seen
discussion on this list in the past about it, but I
didn't find too much info in the last few archives.  I
have a few questions:

* what is the difference between iCal and vcalendar
formats ?  Is there a place I can go to learn more
specifics about the formats?  Is there a single standard,
or if not is there one format that is more popular than
the other?

* any recommendations on a good shared calendaring
solution?  One of our criteria is the ability for us to
access and change the calendar while on the road, which
probably means web interface.  I'm also pushing strongly
for open standards, and am trying to push away from
Outbreak/Expunge.  Having the calendaring integrated with
e-mail and being able to sync with Palm are also
important.  For a client, I wish I could push Evo, but
most of our users are on Windows...

Thanks in advance,

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