Re: [Evolution] looking for definition of vfolder scheme language

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 14:03, HvR wrote:
the manual says:

Expression - For programmers only: match a message according to an
expression you write in the Scheme language, used to define vFolders in
Ximian Evolution

Ahh, might have to adjust the manual for this then, sorry.  BTW below i
meant s-expression, not e-expression.

Hence i thought there was a Scheme language (it is even capitalized). i
guess i will have to download the cvs version...

On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 19:02, Not Zed wrote:

Its not scheme, its an e-expression, and 'scheme like'.

There isn't any real documentation other than the source code :-/ 
Partially because if we do decide to change the underlying language at
some point, it can be done transparently.

The source code in question:

contain all the functions available for vfolder searches.

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 12:02, HvR wrote:
the terse documentation of vfolders for evolution states there is a way
to enter an expression (if your are a programmer) using the scheme
language. Can someone enlighten me on how this is done? i  like vfolders
but i would like a lot more control even the ability to execute external
programs as part of the vfolder filter. 


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