Re: [Evolution] OT: Calendar format and servers

Where I work we use Corporate Time (Steltor, now Oracle) which has
clients for Windows, Linux/Unix and possibly Mac, as well.  There's also
a web interface for road warriors.  They have Palm OS conduit software,
too, but only for Windows (Bah!)  The Corporate Time suite is not open
source, but is a product that works.


On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 10:11, Dan Winship wrote:
* what is the difference between iCal and vcalendar
formats ?  Is there a place I can go to learn more
specifics about the formats?  Is there a single standard,
or if not is there one format that is more popular than
the other?

vCalendar is an older standard created by an industry consortium.
iCalendar is the current IETF standard that is based on it. iCalendar is
basically vCalendar 2.0 (and if you look at your Evo calendar.ics file,
you'll see that the first line is "BEGIN:VCALENDAR" and a few lines down
is "VERSION:2.0".) The basic format is defined by RFC 2445, and RFCs
2446 and 2447 describe the additions for doing email-based scheduling.

* any recommendations on a good shared calendaring
solution?  One of our criteria is the ability for us to
access and change the calendar while on the road, which
probably means web interface.  I'm also pushing strongly
for open standards, and am trying to push away from
Outbreak/Expunge.  Having the calendaring integrated with
e-mail and being able to sync with Palm are also
important.  For a client, I wish I could push Evo, but
most of our users are on Windows...

The IETF calendaring and scheduling working group is working on a
standard called CAP (Calendar Access Protocol), which will be the open
standard for calendar servers. But it's not progressing very quickly so
there aren't going to be clients and servers that support it any time
soon. Until then, there really isn't much in the way of open standards
for calendaring.

The only calendar server I know of that has Windows, Linux, and web
clients is Exchange. If you don't mind making at least the Linux users
use the web interface then there are more options. SuSE's email server
has a web-based calendar system, as does Sun ONE (formerly iPlanet). I'm
not sure about what sort of functionality Steltor and MeetingMaker have.
There are also a handful of free web-based systems in various states of
completion (phpGroupWare, TUTOS).

-- Dan

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