Re: [Evolution] Howto sync two workstatios?

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 11:56, Guido de Melo wrote:
I have installed Evolution at work and at home on two (nearly) identical 
linux boxes. Now I'd like to have the same data at work that I have at 
home. When I copy my ~/evolution directory from one machine to the 
other, Evolution however seems not to be interested in the newer files. 
It jsut keeps working on the old data. How can I overcome this?

Here is what I do when I move to another system :

rm -rf /home/jim/evolution.bak
mv /home/jim/evolution /home/jim/evolution.bak
scp -r jim otherbox othernet net:/home/jim/evolution /home/jim

There once was a thread about wether the use of SyncML for
synchronization with Palm devices would offer as a side effect a
solution generic enough to synchronize evo with itself. Notzed
laconically replied that "this whole issue is best served by using a
server". He is right in theory, but as long as a calendaring server is
missing along with something like a "todo list server", and as long as
most users don't have access to a LDAP server that grant them write
access for their contacts, client to client synchronization will still
have a role to play.

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