Re: [Evolution] Two things that I would like to change

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 17:31, Rob Walker wrote:
On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 11:09, Eric Lambart wrote:

Log in as root and edit /usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-message.xml


in Debian testing.

Um... so you're saying it's the same, right?

thanks for the pointer.

Sure.  It was mentioned on the list once a while ago, but in passing,
without any detailed instructions.

I really want to use a 24h date format in my message-list window and I
was under impression, that it was meant to be possible in this new
version, is this not the case? 

Well, I've only been annoyed by that for about 16 months (how long I've
been using Evo).  Yesterday I finally gave up and figured out how to
rebuild my locale time definition file, which is not as easy as changing
the .xml files.  I'd offer you my changed version but unless you live in
the US (or like having date formatted as mm/dd/yy), you probably don't
want it =)

What LC_TIME are you using?  I am using en_GB, but am not sure that is
the best to use for US 24 hour stuff.  At least I am rid of AM and PM
all over the place!

Well, en_GB defines the standard date format as dd/mm/yy.  This doesn't
effect evolution (as far as I know) as it doesn't ever display the date
in this format.  But it may adversely affect other programs you use.

I basically started with the en_GB file and reversed the month and day.

In an off-list version of this message, I'll attach the file I'm using
here for you.  I don't think that file should vary between
distributions, so it should work.  Please make sure to back up your
existing one before trying it.  You need to restart Evolution after
copying the file for the changes to take effect.  Very strange things
happen to the message list if you replace that file while Evolution is
running.  Though it doesn't really seem to hurt anything, I wouldn't
recommend it :)


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