Re: [Evolution] Explain the article in knowledgebase

        Yikes!  The URL can also be:

This knowledge base article describes the process by which you can add
an LDAP source as an address auto completion source.  You need to edit 

and add the code you pasted into that file.  Of course, that URL is
simply an example, and you need to supply your own.  If you don't
understand the syntax, here is the breakdown:

ldap://          -- protocol
localhost        -- server name
:389             -- port #
dc=toshok,dc=org -- LDAP query
??one            -- LDAP query type

        If you don't know these values, ask your LDAP administrator.

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 17:07, Subramani, GnanaShekar (MED, TCS) wrote:

Can anybody explain the following lines....
Add the following line to your ~/evolution/config.xmldb: 

<section path="/Addressbook/Completion">
<entry name="uri" type="string"
I found these in the ximain knowledge base, which can be accessed by the
following link.

Thanks & Regards,
-Gnana Shekar-

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com
Benjamin Kahn <xkahn zoned net>

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