Re: [Evolution] How to get source code for evolution

Chris, Vikranth, 

        Oops!  Good catch.  It looks like the CVS instructions on Ximian's web
site were very shell specific.  (Not to mention didn't introduce the
concept of CVS very well.)  Anyway, I've updated the page.

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 12:52, Chris Ness wrote:
CVS is beautiful...  =)
This should answer any of your questions about CVS (Concurrent Version

For Evo source this FAQ answer should do...

You should be able to browse the tree via a web browser too... try here
if you do not have CVS available to you (I haven't used this before).

You *will* need a working copy of CVS running on your machine (not
WinXP, but most linux distros come with it. I think you can get ported
CVS exe's that run on windows, but I don't know much about those [google
it!]) type at a command prompt...

$>cvs -v
$>whereis cvs
If something comes up you are in business.


On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 12:17, vikranth v wrote:
hi folks
This is Vikranth from Kansas.
I require the source code for Ximian evolution(any version).
I tried
but couldnt figure out how to download the source.
can somebody suggest me to download through FTP .Im using windows XP and SSL to 
connect solaris machines.

2.Also what is CVS all about ? export command is not found in 
solaris as i was tryong to download through CVS.

I would be  grateful to you for your help.

*$ Vikranth V $*

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