Re: [Evolution] Evolution issues...

On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 02:25, S Balajee wrote:

1. I'm composing a new message in evolution.i'm using the OS as redhat
7.2.When i need to attach multiple file i can not do it in one shot i always
hv to go to attach file option twice if i need to attach 2 files.r u getting
me? so it this problem with evolution or file manager of linux.

yes, I'm getting you. I explained this in the last message. it's a
limitation of gtkfilesel (ie, the gtk+ toolkit)

1.2 will have a work-a-round so you can attach multiple files "in one

2. I hv already set some filters in my IMAP acct on my server.When i
configure that in evolution i cannot sync the filters , i hv to recreate
them.where as i can do it in Netscape (by default version of lredhat 7.2).

I still have no idea what you could be talking about. As far as I know,
Netscape doesn't support Sieve (nor does Evolution) so... what are you
talking about?

The IMAP protocol does not specify anything about filtering... so I
think you must be confused.

-- Balajee
netCORE Solutions

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On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 01:52, S Balajee wrote:

Presently i 2 issues....

1. I'm using Redhat 7.2 and in evolution i cannot select multiple
files to attach in a message.Is that a problem with Evolution or file
manager or redhat. Pl help to solve that if at all also it is a not a
problem with evolution.

Do you mean you can't select multiple files at one time in the
file-selection dialog? If so, this is a gtk problem. The gtkfilesel can
only be used to select one file at a time. But that doesn't mean you
can't attach one file, then attach another and another etc.

Also, in 1.2 - we've hacked around this to allow you to actually select
multiple files to attach at a time.

2. If i hv configured IMAP then can i sycn with the server for the
filters which are already set there.

Huh? I'm not sure what you are asking here - can you be more specific?
IMAP doesn't do filters...and I don't suspect that you mean Sieve? Or do


Jeffrey Stedfast
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Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
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