Re: [Evolution] Command-line calls for Evolution

        Sorry...  This isn't currently possible with Evolution.  There is no
way to bring up the composer with a file already attached.  I believe
this is planned behavior, but has not yet been implemented nor planned. 
Obviously we (Ximian) want Evolution to play nice with StarOffice and
OpenOffice and this is needed.

On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 20:52, Peter N. Spotts wrote:

I've waded through a few months' worth of list archives and have not found quite what I'm looking 
for...namely, a way to use a command-line string so Evolution brings up an unaddressed e-mail form and 
attaches a file to it.

Background: I'm using Star Office, which, like MS Word, has a send-file function. Yet when SO6's options 
are altered to use Evolution as the mail client, SO6 doesn't seem to want to do anything more than activate 
Evolution's main desktop. 

Sylpheed users ran into the same problem. As a workaround, someone wrote a Perl script to use as a 
substitute for Sylpheed's activation command in SO6's tool=>options=>email entry. The script takes 
advantage of Sylpheed's command-line call,   >sylpheed --attach . I was hoping to do something similar with 
Evolution, but the man page lists only two command-line examples: one for bringing up an email when an 
addressee is specified; and one for activating Evolution and having it start with the Inbox. Is that the 
complete catalog of command-line calls? Or are others listed elsewhere?

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