Re: [Evolution] New mail indicator on Gnome2.0?

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 17:40, Alexandre Aractingi wrote:
Yes, but it can't check my IMAP and my POP account simultaneously, can
it? All I can do is configure it to check my mbox file... which only
contains my POP accounts mails... (I don't want the indicator to check
my remote accounts directly, Evo does that).

You can also configure it to check your POP or IMAP accounts. However,
to my knowledge, only 1 account per applet. I'd think you could add > 1
applets though, but haven't tried it. Also, this needs lots of panel
space. Personally, I get all my mail from different accounts via
fetchmail, and let the applet then monitor my spoolfile

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