[Evolution] Category search with LDAP

Hello all! We have an (Open)LDAP repository with our enterprise-wide
contact information stored in it. We did this from the ground up with
Evolution in mind as it handles editting the records. After converting
our contacts from Outlook 97 to LDIF and loading them into the
repository as evolution-person's, we cannot search using the Categories

I have enabled substring indexes, etc, on the LDAP back-end, and rebuilt
said indexes. Performing a query using ldap-search produces the required
results. As it pans out, this was a pointless step...

After enabling the LDAP debugging, I looked at the traffic between
evolution and the db. It appears that evolution does its own matching on
the records it has retrieved (which is a piddly 100), rather than
querying the db.

So, to make a short story long, why can't we get the Categories to work
with LDAP?

Has anyone out there managed to sort out categories with LDAP? I'm one
step short of rearranging the repository into smaller OU's, one for each
category. This seems like a stupid idea, given that Evolution should
handle it.


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