[Evolution] Re: courier imap and clients problems

Ho ho ho.

So it seems that other clints (other than Evolution 1.0.x) had problems
with cutting the namespaces from the folder paths.


On Fri, 04 Oct 2002 12:36:18 +0200, rune wrote:

I'm trying to get mozilla working with a courier-imap server.

First it works fine if I leave "Imap server directory" blank. But then
all my folders are subfolders of INBOX.

If I set "Imap server directory" to INBOX or INBOX. or INBOX/ it fetches
all the folders properly and displays them as folders parallel to inbox.
Then the problems start. If I click any other folder than Inbox the
server responds "Invalid mailbox".

If I make a subfolder within INBOX it displays it parallel to INBOX, but
I can't make a folder directly.

Sometimes it works in OE6, at other times it responds with at 800ccc0f.

In Eudora it either shows only subfolders, or folders and subfolder
(copies) of the same folders.

Can't believe that all three clients are faulty.

I'm running debian stable and installed via apt-get. I guess the
courier-imap version is 1.4.1.

Also running postfix with delivery to maildirs

The funny thingis that mozilla works fine in the first instance and not
in second, also I'd like to make it work with OE6 that my family uses.


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