Re: [Evolution] Evolution in RH 8.0, Evolution in Gentoo?

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From: Pascal DeMilly <list evolution newgenesys com>
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2002 11:44 pm
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Evolution in RH 8.0, Evolution in Gentoo?

I got the same problem and found out that I needed to include mozilla
path in my and rerun ldconfig. I guess Evolution is 
using a
library from Mozilla libnss3 (if I remember correctly) and need to be
able to load it otherwise wombat complains and Evo won't start without
it. See if you run wombat by itself in an xterm, if you get a message
complaining about not finding some ssl library.

I already have libnss3 in my path and including the mozilla version just
made it crash with more errors..

Thanks for the help, I'll try again when I install Gentoo later this week..

Hope that helps




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