Re: [Evolution] TLS/authenticated SMTP

Plain authentication is definitely supported.
I've been (very disappointedly) using mozilla for months now because the university shifted to TLS and authenticated smtp and evolution didn't support it. Mozilla pops up a box for a password and is definitely using TLS and Plain text. Interestingly enough, when I try to "Check for supported types" under the authentication method section for the smtp preferences, all types are greyed out afterwards... I'll keep digging i guess.


Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
It will prompt you when it needs it. Maybe your server doesn't support
PLAIN authentication.


On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 13:56, ben hall wrote:

While trying to get the beta 1.2 evolution up and running with our authenticated SMTP servers here at Columbia using TLS and Plain authentication, i did manage to get a confirmation box asking if i wanted to accept the certificate for the server, but i've never received a box asking for a password. instead i simply receive a notice saying proper authentication is required... My username is correct, but changing it to anything still doesn't evoke a change.

Anyone have any idea how to enter a password for sending?

ben hall
bnh1 columbia edu

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