Re: [Evolution] (no subject)

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 03:10, Jason Grimsman wrote:
I recently decided to run the 2.5.x kernel, and after installing it, 
evolution would freeze whenever i hit the reply buttons, and usually when i 
hit the "new" button...It also happened when i would try to view the 
calendar or contacts.

That sounds like a problem with oaf activation. (When you open the
composer it needs to activate the HTML editor control, and when you open
calendar or contacts it needs to start the calendar/contact backend.)

It's impossible to guess what the exact problem is though. In general,
people have not had much luck running evolution with unstable kernels in
the past. Unless you want to sit down with gdb and find the problem
yourself, your best bet is to wait until it's closer to being stable.

-- Dan

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