Re: [Evolution] Ldap, Evo and evolutionPerson.schema

tir, 2002-10-01 kl. 23:05 skrev Chris Toshok:

ons, 2002-09-25 kl. 13:21 skrev Adam Williams: 

evolutionPerson is a structural class.  That is probably the root of the

Nope. 2.1.4 would not have worked then. The complaint is about the
attribute, not the objectClass, nor any objectClass conflict. I've had
them with the Evo schema before and thanks to you knew what to do.

Is there some slapd output you could paste here?


Thanks for responding. In as much as you took the bother, so did I and
Openldap 2.1.5 with the evolutionperson.schema works now :-)

Because, as you say, nobody else seems to care, I'll send you a
mail,privately to tell you what I did. It's no great shakes, but I have
a couple of attachments you might like to see.




Tony Earnshaw

"There are many people who can't face the truth ... If you rob a
normal person of life's lies, at the same time you'll be robbing
him of his happiness."

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