Re: [Evolution] How do I point evo to a different location for its data?

On 1 Oct 2002, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:

Can this be done? If so,how?


Has this been fixed (as promised for soo long) in evo 1.1.1 ?
What exactly is there to fix?

Evo runs under Linux, a multi-user OS.  In order to be compliant across 
the board for true multi-user systems and essentially single-user systems, 
the place to store user data is in ${HOME}/*

What _would_ be an interesting modification is to have Evo read a file 
like ${HOME}/.evolutionrc that could contain a setting (among others, 
examples of which completely escape me at the moment) for $EVOHOME which 
is currently hard-set to ${HOME}/evolution.

But as far as "fixing" the's not broken, there's nothing to 

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