Re: [Evolution] How do I point evo to a different location for its data?

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
2. I can't figure out how I might point evo to a different location.
Like /mnt/q (heh).

Why not configure an imap server for your mail and an LDAP server for
your contact info? That's 2/3 of the data that Evolution uses. For
calendar data, well...that will just have to be local.

The sane thing to do, what most people would do, is make ~/ (or /home/userxx) a remote directory on the external system, either through NFS or Samba (or other). ALL user data gets stored in ~/ with very few exceptions. This includes mail files, personal settings, etc. Mounting this directory from a remote source is standard practice in Linux and is precisely how Linux was designed to be run (among other setups). That way if you blow away your local system, who cares? All the data will still be there, and you'll just have to set it up as a mounted partition when you re-install. Nothing could be easier. This is why user backups are so easy. Simply backup the contents of each user's home directory, and you've saved everything they need (unless they're idiotic users who like to spread things around where they don't belong).

Frank Gore

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