[Evolution] Evo 1.2 & LDAP with MS Exchange Server

Does anyone have evo 1.2 working with MS Exchange LDAP server?.. if so can you provide details of the configuration.. bind, scope etc

I've monitored evo and gq using Ethereal..

Results from using gq (which works)
firstly, it binds but with simple authentication and dn and password set to NULL

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    Message: Id=1  Bind Request
        Message Length: 7
        Version: 2
        DN: (null)
        Auth Type: Simple (0x00)
        Password: (null)

Evo won't allow you to set dn and password to NULL.. you either don't bind at all or use non-null email or dn binding... both of which fail on my LDAP server.

Then for the search, gq does the following:
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    Message: Id=2  Search Request
        Message Length: 33
        Base DN: (null)
        Scope: Subtree (0x02)
        Dereference: Never (0x00)
        Size Limit: 0
        Time Limit: 0
        Attributes Only: False
        Filter: (cn=*long*)

Evo which can't do NULL binds, goes straight for the search and does the following:
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    Message: Id=7  Search Request
        Message Length: 53
        Base DN: (null)
        Scope: Base (0x00)
        Dereference: Never (0x00)
        Size Limit: 100
        Time Limit: 0
        Attributes Only: False
        Filter: (|(cn=*long*)(sn=*long*))

The search string given to gq was "long" and because it was configured for searching cn with a "contains" rule, it added the * before and after the string.

The evo search fails with just "long" and "*long*" when I tried to emulate the gq search.

All I can assume is that it fails because I can't set the scope to be subtree (evo only allows base and one to be selected) or it has something to do with the inability to bind with dn=NULL, password=NULL.

I confirmed with my admin that we don't support a bind.. so I'm inclined to believe that the subtree is the cause.

When I was using evo back on the 1.0.X days, I had LDAP working.. its only since I moved to evo 1.2 that it doesn't work.

Anyone care to offer suggestions/solutions?


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