[Evolution] External scripts from filters

Is there a way to pass the body of an email to an external program via a
filter? (Please read the rest before replying).

What I'm looking to do is write a Python script that extracts PGP keys
from incoming email.  I don't think passing the email to an external
program in the criterion section would be good as then every email would
be run through the external script which would be bad performance-wise. 
Rather, in the criterion section I filter on "Message body contains
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----" and then I'd like to use a shell
command in the action section to run the script if a match is found, but
I'm not sure how to pass the body of the mail to the external program.

Any suggestions?  Are there %M or whatever arguments that can be
appended to the shell command?

Cliff Wells, Software Engineer
Logiplex Corporation (www.logiplex.net)
(503) 978-6726 x308  (800) 735-0555 x308

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