Re: [Evolution] Using outport to export MESSAGES

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 03:24, Ronald van Engelen wrote:

I've used outport to export my outlook calendar, contacts and tasks to
evolution succesfully, but I don't know how to import the message-items
(from inbox and especially its subfolders).

When exporting the messages, outport creates single html files for each
message-item and the filenames get autonumbered. I suppose I should cat
them together to a single xml, but i don't know the specifics and as i'm
fairly new to the great linux environment, I would appreciate a simple
example for doing this.

If they get saved as HTML files, they will be completely useless to a
mail program like Evolution.  I doubt I'm mistaken on that point.

I've never seen or used Outport, but unless it gives you an option to
export the files to "mbox" or some other standard mail format, it's not
going to help you.  In that case what you need to do is run Mozilla
under Windows, and import the mail into Mozilla, and then boot into
linux and import the mail into Evolution from Mozilla.

But if you can figure out how to do it with this Outport program, I'm
sure many people would be interested in your results.  If it allowed you
to transfer your calendar, contacts and tasks, I think that would
interest some people already because I don't think you can do that with


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