Re: [Evolution] Error: Cannot create the specified folder: Generic error...

what name are you typing into the GtkEntry field in the
Create-New-Folder dialog? You cannot enter \'s or /'s or #'s or...a few
other characters.


On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 20:33, Mark C wrote:

I'm running Evolution 1.2 on RedHat 8.0 (upgraded from the official
1.0.8 version), I'm using Imap to collect my mail.
I have been using nested folders, but when I try to create a new folder
withing another folder I always get the following error:

'Error: Cannot create the specified folder: Generic error...'

I have checked google and the evo list archives and found several
references to this, but so far no results or conclusions.

my Imap mail account is setup with the shell as /sbin/nologin and all
folders are permissions of: 755 and I'm not using any illegal

I can create new folders from the base of the Mail account, but again
I'm unable to nest folders in these, an example setup is as follows:

Mailing-Lists (folder)
Mailing-Lists\Gnome (folder)
Personal (folder)

what I cannot actually do is create say a new folder called:
Mailing-Lists\Gnome\Announce\Old, but I can create a completely new
folder called Old of the base of my account, but not a new one inside a
new folder (If that makes sence)

Hope I have explained myself correctly.

Thanks in advance


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