RE: [Evolution] Pilot Conduits after 1.2 Upgrade

Title: RE: [Evolution] Pilot Conduits after 1.2 Upgrade

 ...but that has been the case for some time, at least back to 0.9x releases AFAIK.


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The evo pilot conduit stuff got pulled out and put into the
evolution-pilot package.  All of us pilot/evo users need to install that
package as well after upgradeing to 1.2.

I just wish they would have said something about it!!!


On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 06:40, James Harrison wrote:
> All,
> I'm running RH 8.0.  After upgrading via RC everything is pretty much
> ok, but I can no longer sync with my pilot.  In Evo if I click on
> Tools>Pilot Settings, I get the Pilot Link box, but the only conduits
> listed in the Conduits tab are:
> Backup, Expense,File,MAL,MemoFile,Sendmail,Test,Time
> No conduits associated with Evo show up.  Also clicking on Tools>Pilot
> Conduit Settings does nothing.  (I do get a process called
> gnomecc-single-shell --activ....etc., but no window or anything)
> Thanks
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