Re: [Evolution] reading / writing mail with Japanese fonts (iso-2022-jp)...

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 22:33, Thomas O'Dowd wrote:
As for kinput2 not working. It works for me but of course it gets
displayed as ____ when I convert something. Andrew, why are you killing
kinput2 all the time. I start it once as lots of my apps use it. You
might want to check that you have XMODIFIERS set. Something like...


No joy on RH 8.0.  Maybe I have to take it up with them.  It seems that
1.0.8 worked w/ 7.3, but not with 8.0.  I installed support for both
en_US and ja_JP.

Then again, mutt works great with iso-2022-jp and kinput2 (at least
inside gnome-terminal w/ emacs -nw as editor).  

So, what's the difference in language support infrastructure?

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