Re: [Evolution] bad font display for some messages

On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 07:28, Jason Kohles wrote:
On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 19:48, Cliff Wells wrote:
I'm using Evolution 1.0.8 (as shipped with RedHat 8.0) and I have been
receiving emails (usually on mailing lists) that don't display any text
(unless I view the mail source). These are typically html mail.  I know
a bunch of work was done on font handling in GTK2 and wonder if perhaps
that is the source of the problem.  Is this a general issue with GTK2 or
RedHat 8.0?  Or perhaps I've munged something up?

Are you sure that this is legitimate mail?  There have been several
email viruses that mess with MIME headers in an attempt to get outlook
to run their content automatically.  Since the headers are intentionally
malformed to exploit bugs in outlook, most other mail readers render it
strangely or not at all.

Yes, the mail is legitimate.  Even my own mail posted to this list was
blank.  The problem is resolved now (deleted ~/.gnome/gtkhtml).  It
seems that using anything but the default font in html viewer settings
is risky.

Cliff Wells, Software Engineer
Logiplex Corporation (
(503) 978-6726 x308  (800) 735-0555 x308

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