Re: [Evolution] Copy from mail message

Dan Hensley writes:

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 10:23, David Sterratt wrote:
I don't seem to be able to copy text from mail messages in
1.0.8 (as packaged by redhat in their RH 8.0 distribution).  This
true if the mail message is either in the main evolution window
under the list of messages, or in its own window, after having
double clicked on the subject.  There is no "Copy" item in the
edit menu.

There was a really long thread on this less than a week ago, so you
might want to check the mail archives for more details.  Start

Thanks for this information -- it was a useful thread.  

I can copy text by selecting it and then using the X middle mouse
button method, but this doesn't seem like the way things ought to
be, especially for users migrating from MS windows.

This is Linux, not Windows, so things should work the way Unix
users are used to.  That being said, I'll refer you back to the
previous thread for more details.

I suppose it depends whether one wants Window users to switch to
Linux.  It strikes me that evolution does bear more than a passing
resemblance to a certain program from the dark side, in which case,
why not go the whole hog?  My wife (an experienced windows user,
finding her way on a linux box) was surprised (and not a little
irritated) not to be able to copy and paste as she expected, though
she was happy with the X-mouse solution when I explained it.  Oddly
enough, I only thought of the X-solution when I was using evolution
as me (an experienced *nix user).  I think the fact that evolution
does look so similar to **tl**k does set up expectations that it works
the same way.  Anyway, it looks as though this issue is going to be
dealt with sometime, which is good.


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