Re: [Evolution] Why evolution only use the "Sent" folder under "local folder"?

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 21:15, Calvin Liu wrote:
Thanks Christian!

The option is under "Default" tab of mail account setting. But at the 
first time I changed the option, it doesn't work. Then I tried it again 
(without restart evolution) and it works.
Seems this should be the default case, I mean using IMAP folders instead 
of local folders by default for a IMAP server account, right?

if you can figure out what the url of the sent and drafts folders on the
imap server are without being able to connect to it and get a folder
tree (hell, even with a folder listing it'd be hard), go right on ahead
and send us a patch.



Christian Borup wrote:

On man, 2002-11-04 at 12:05, Calvin Liu wrote:

It seems that the "Sent" folder under each mail account has no use, why?
Is it a known bug or not?


You can make Evolutuion use non-local Sent folders, by changing the
default in the "Special Folders" tab of the account editor.

I have seperate Sent and Draft folders for all my imap accounts (all two
of them :-).


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