Re: [Evolution] Request for additions/corrections in Evolution

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 02:21, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
I'm waiting for your "well written" patch since you seem to know so

        No.  I won't help you with this attitude.  I'd rather help a project
like CronosII to integrate procmail as a filter and fetchmail to get
mails locally than advertise their product by comparison with yours. 
I'm not playing asshole here.  I just tell you that you should change
your attitude.  Free software is a two way road.  As you asked me in one
previous mail to be nice to you as you as I don't pay for your product,
also you should be nice with the people that want to help you, as this
is free software, no marketing... lots of competition and as you
underlined by asking for those patches - when you are unable to correct
something, the community does that FOR YOU, FOR FREE.

This is a Free Software project and I do NOT appreciate being constantly
insulted by the likes of you. 

        I don't want either to have products from people like you, so we're
even I guess.

Please LEAVE.

        Okay.  I will.  This is my last mail.  No wonder the Ximian
contribution to gnome is only bloated code that isn't quite portable
outside the i386 world but is slow and the developers wait for outside
help rather than saying just "okay, it's on the todo list and we'll do
it when we'll have the time".  If Gnome was a Ximian product probably
I'd have to wait for version 5.2 to have an usable copy... or should I
say 4.10.1600?

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