Re: [Evolution] Feature Request: filter priorities?

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 04:28, Steve Chaney wrote:

This is why I think it should be done.

If I put up email filters to wipe out spam terms like teen sex, viagra,
etc., and a friend sends me a joke about viagra, his/her email will be
deleted, stone cold gone.

I made 2 filters tonight just to make sure I know what I am talking
about. One DELETES email which has the word 'pookiehead' in it. One
saves any email sent by me to me. I put the latter up at the top of the
filter list, and the other at the bottom. Then I mailed myself an email
with the subject line POOKIEHEAD. Evolution deleted it. With priorities,
it would save the email, "flag" it as saved, and the delete filter would
be superceded. If I want 2 things done with it, I will make it do 2
things in the same filter. That is already built in. So I'd say the
simple change is, never filter the same message twice. The higher
priority filter gets the task, and if 2 filters manage to handle the
same email with equal priority, the first one in the list gets it.

Why not just add 'Stop' to the filters you want to have priority? 

AFAIK MS Outlook doesn't even have this feature. Forte' Agent, the
usenet post/read client of the gods (until Pan matures, LOL), actually,
does this.

Since I think I read Evo's 2.0 (2.1?) code is frozen, is it possible to
tweak this into a future version?

Since I CANNOT CODE in C (and if I could, I would submit this myself as
a patch, as I could easily write this code in Perl), I offer that I'd
write the user manual addendum for filter priorities, with all the
necessary caveats. :)

Would this be worthy to put in a non feature frozen version..?

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