Re: [Evolution] will there be a Windows port?

On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 11:06, Anders Näslund wrote:
The intresting thing however,is to find a reasonable good "Outlook" on
windows platform that IS NOT Outlook.
Consider this scenario:
1) Microsoft is boosting lic. prices with the new licensemodel.
      - Management says: Find a cheaper solution
2) Investigating alternatives to Exchange (serverside)
      - Anything IMAP on Linux platform would be very OK
3) Investigate alternatives to Outlook clients (Win2000 platform)
      - Need to find IMAP compatible client WITH calendar that works and
feels a bit like users are used to.
1 and 2 above is not a problem. 3 is a BIG problem.

Number 3 is no problem either.  Novell GroupWise. Works great,cost less,
more reliable and it doesn't propagate viruses!

Or you could use Lotus Notes. But that wouldn't be cheaper...

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