Re: [Evolution] FEATURE: Mailing List Folders?

Well you're talking about NNTP here.

On Sat, 2002-05-18 at 01:58, Jim Meyer wrote:
On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 08:23, Not Zed wrote:
What exactly do you mean?

You can already setup a vfolder based on a mailing list match, and then
search on that at will ...

True, but that only searches mail in my mail stores. Ideally, I'd love
to treat mailing list archives as a mail store, but that feels very,
very hard if not impossible. Consider instead the following:

If a mailing list is archived and searchable somewhere, I'd rather not
maintain all that mail myself; instead, I'll keep the important bits
local and use their search engine to find stuff in the list archives.
However, that means that I have to switch from email to web browser,
remember where that bookmark for their search engine is, go there, then
submit my search.

Galeon has the concept of smart bookmarks; these are bookmarks that have
the ability to receive a string argument and incorporate it into a URI,
then go there. For example, I've got a smart bookmark for Ximian's
Bugzilla which reads "";. I
keep this on a toolbar in my browser, which causes it to show me a text
field beside a Ximian logo. If I type a number in that field and hit
enter, I'll shortly be presented with that bug number from Ximian.

What I think would be cool is to be able to store as a folder property a
similar URI (e.g. the fictitious URI
"";) which
could be used to tell whichever browser I use to search for more results
than are available locally.

This would let me somewhat fake treating a list archive as a mail store
in a somewhat simpler manner than actually trying to treat it as a mail

Meanwhile, this has given me the desire to investigate how one could
make a Mailman-archived mailing list appear to Evolution as a mail
store. THAT would be wicked cool.



On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 01:29, Jim Meyer wrote:

The bizarrest idea just popped into my head unbidden: what if a folder
could be designated as a "Mailing List" folder and given an external URI
for additional search results? 

As most modern mailing list management software offers archiving and
most modern mailing list managers put search engines on top of that, it
would seem that something along the lines of Galeon's "Smart Bookmarks"
feature would be useful in the mail client as well.

Hey, I said it was bizarre. =]

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Jim Meyer, Geek At Large                              purp wildbrain com

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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