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If Bynari is planning on releasing their connector as GPL, then why all
the fuss last week?

Maybe you should have read Tom's book on Intellectual Property Law
before going off and fighting with us about how it wasn't fair that you
guys had to license your plugin under the GPL.


On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 19:43, Shawn Walker wrote:
Okay, I find your accusing me of using "anonymous email", false. is my domain. I have the privilege of working from
home and Bynari encourages its developers to work on open source
projects. I specialize in mail clients and that's where I can make the
biggest difference. My server is setup at home. I have also registered
for the mailing list from to keep track of any information
that can help me out writing the plugin.
You're also acting presumptuous saying I'm spying on you. I asked
questions on the list because documentation is scarce.

The questions that I was asking you guys about the GPL license was just me
trying to understand why you GPLed the Evolution source but not the
Exchange Connector but you made your comments on about why Ximian
didn't release the source for the connector.

So, a "healty" argument about what I thought maybe you guys should be
releasing the source to the connector.  I have asked several friends that
has in NO relationship with Bynari and they felt that I was right about
the source needing to be released.

Bynari doesn't need me to give an opinion on licensing. Tom wrote a book
on Intellectual Property Law and uses consultants. So, why would he
consult a programmer about GPL?  He already knows the issues.

I saw the comments on saying I'm disguising my
identify when in fact, the writer accusing me of that was disguising
his/her identity.  I have never personally attacked anybody. 
Characterizing my comments in a public forum as a temper tantrum seems
extreme. The only thing that I was arguing was the GPL license. I am an
individual and my company treats me as one.

As for your comment that Bynari hates Ximian so much.  Why would you make
such a comment?  I don't hate Ximian and the people at Bynari don't hate 
Ximian. You also don't know Bynari's plans or if we received funding to 
open source our plugin specifically for Evolution. Perhaps you don't 
understand that your hysteria, false accusations, finger pointing, etc. 
alienates people. I guess you expect us to hate you because of how you've 
treated us in the past.

The screen shot you displayed was done a long time ago.  Check out which doesn't even look like Ximian webpage anymore. I asked 
about it and was told logs indicated a remarkable number of hits from your 
former selves. Tom asked his webmaster to put that page up and not link to it.
Within 24 hours, the guys that were here then said he received a call from
your CEO saying we violated your trademarks. I thnk he just wanted to see
if you scanned the website all the time.

You jumped to several conclusions. Since you don't want my help or my
contributions, I'll choose a project where I'm appreciated.

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So long as you didn't want to do email, since camel doesn't use a
corba interface.

Since you need to include the camel headers (which are GPL), and link
with camel and utility libraries, it wouldn't be possible to get past
the GPL.

Therefore, any camel plugin (not written by Ximian) will have to be
released as source.

BTW Shawn, that was very bad form, hiding behind an anonymous email
address asking for programming advice and arguing about the GPL
requirements.  Particularly since your company seems to hate Ximian so

On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 00:01, Dan Winship wrote:
On Mon, 2002-05-06 at 09:16, Brian wrote:
My apologies if this has already been discussed, but I didn't see
it so here goes.  What's the deal with this Evolution plug-in
(that appears to be a competing product for Ximian Connector) that
Bynari is getting ready to release?  The one mentioned at ...

They've not decided on a license, but one would have to think it'd
be a closed-source, proprietary plugin and that would be a no-no
for a non-Ximian entity to do, right?

It would be *possible* to write an almost-entirely-closed-source
plugin for Evolution, using the CORBA interfaces and such. But you
would have to do a huge amount of work since almost all of the
utility libraries inside the evolution source tree (libpas, libpcs,
libebook, libeutil, libeshell, etc) are GPL, not LGPL.

-- Dan

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